Products & Services

Eye Exams

  • Comprehensive: 45-60 minutes long. Includes full eye health exam with dilation and vision testing for glasses or contacts (see below for details).
  • Diabetic eye health: dilated exam with focus on signs of diabetic retinopathy, followed by communication with your primary care physician.
  • Dry eye evaluation: a focus on signs and symptoms in the anterior segment of your eye, potential causes and treatment options.
  • Glaucoma management and treatment
  • Macular degeneration management
  • Consultations and pre & post op evaluations for: cataracts, lasik, etc.
  • Emergency Services: red eye, eye pain, eye allergy, foreign body in eye, styes, floaters & flashes, etc.
  • Contact lens fitting, evaluation and follow ups (see below for details)
  • Pediatric: starting from 6 months old!
  • Binocular vision exam: evaluation of eye focusing and movements, eye teaming and posture, possible need for vision therapy
  • Retinal photos and Visual Fields

Contact Lenses

  • Soft and gas permeable contact lens fittings from normal range prescriptions to high myopes, high astigmats, post-RK patients, keratoconus, etc.
  • Specialty contacts: hybrid lenses, scleral contacts
  • Options for presbyopes: multifocals, monovision
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Frames & Lenses

  • Careful and accurate frames and lens selection, measurements and adjustments according to your prescription, eye measurements, face shape and specific needs.
  • Lenses: single vision for reading, computer or distance, progressives, bifocals, trifocals, etc.
  • Polarized, anti-reflective glare coating, tints and more.
  • Computer performance lenses with proper coating or tint
  • Repairs, replacements and adjustments for frames, nosepads, screw replacement, etc.
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Comprehensive Exam

  • Detailed case history, which helps direct what testing will be performed
  • Testing of far and near visual acuity using the eye charts, followed by a basic testing of binocularity (how the eyes work together)
  • Retinoscopy and refraction, which is testing done to help determine the proper glasses and contact lens prescriptions
  • Slit lamp biomicroscopy for a detailed examination at health of the outside of the eyes (cornea, iris, conjunctiva, lids and lashes, etc.) and how the pupils respond to light
  • Eye pressure test (no air puff!) to test for glaucoma and other conditions
  • a detailed examination of the internal structures of the eye (the retinal blood vessels, the macula, the optic nerve)
  • Case presentation: a detailed verbal summary of the exam results, with recommendations and answers to any further questions you may have