Our Team is Available for Anything You Need!

As a reminder for all of our patients and prospective patients, while our office buildings are closed, our team is still available to you for anything you need!

Here is how you can get ahold of our office manager or our doctors:

For general questions, glasses pickup, contacts lenses, scheduling, etc. you can call either one of our office managers:

  • Contact Lisa (works at our East office) at 262-515-6833
  • Contact Jan (works at our West office) at 262-960-3867

For eye emergencies or any eye health questions, you can call either one of our doctors (they will come in and examine your eyes if necessary):

  • Contact Dr. Ben at 262-455-1513
  • Contact Dr. Pete at 262-496-1595

We are here for you! Stay healthy and we’ll see you all soon!

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